American Landscapes for Guitar 2010 With Guest Artist David Finckel, Cello "Richter's playing is expert. His tone is lovely, his technical command sure—never any sense of struggle, and some of the music sounds quite demanding. This is a satisfying and fascinating recording, and I'll be returning to it." American Record Guide
Whisper in the Desert 2010 With Guest Artist David Finckel, Cello "Music can hardly be refined to a higher standard...five, no, six stars for a master." Akustik Gitarre
Fractal Reflections 1997 "An American hometown feel with a sophisticated European polish." Boston Globe
Richter Uzur Duo LIVE! 2016 Guitar and Cello with cellist Viktor Uzur
String Theory 2010 Guitar and Cello with cellist Viktor Uzur "Like a sleekly glittering scatter of sonic delight straddling the divide of pop and classical music in a way that seems so natural you wonder why someone had never thought of it before." Arizona Daily Star
Duo Concerto 2012 Guitar, Cello and Orchestra with cellist Viktor Uzur and the Jackson Symphony Orchestra "One of the most exciting duos on the scene today....The duo performs with effortless precision and musicality.... The interplay between the two is playful yet stunning.... It grooves, it sings, it's fresh, and exciting; this music has it all." Guitar International
Navigating Lake Bonneville 2007 Guitar, Cello, Voice, and Choir
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